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Challenges of a Wholesale Business

Wholesale businesses encounter hurdles like inventory management, pricing & discounts complexities, delivery coordination, van stock control, and the balance between wholesale and retail operations. Additionally, optimizing profits necessitates effective management of cash, banks, expenses, and customer ledgers, among other financial transactions. 

Wholesale Software is the solution

You need a good Wholesale Software

An effective wholesale software solution helps overcome challenges by reducing operational time, streamlining accounting activities, managing inventory, minimizing deadstock, controlling customer credits, enhancing customer communication, and optimizing internal operations for improved efficiency.

Key Features of Wholesale Software (Intellibiz)

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Why Do you need a Wholesale Software?

Wholesale Management Software can help improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, making it a valuable tool for your complex business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharma Suite is a highly popular pharmaceutical software in Pakistan, trusted by many businesses in the industry. If you're considering purchasing this software, you may have some common questions that others have asked before making their decision.

No, The software charges are single time and we charge you again ever. Customer support charges can be applied that will be dependant on the type of service you get.

Usually its very difficult to import other companies software data, however please talk to our sales team before buying it.

Pharma Suite is an offline software which doesn’t require an internet connection to run. Internet will be required only when you want to email your reports to companies.

Yes, The first training is free of charge and part of the package. If later one you want to train your new staff then we can provide you the services that will be charged.

Yes, your data is fully secure in Pharma Suite. We have designed a outstanding user permission system in it.

Though Pharma Suite has more than 100 reports and theys hould cover most of your requirements,however if there is any special report that you are looking for, our team can develop it for you on demand.

Our team provide online customer support where you connect your computer using remote sharing software and our team can take control to do and fix any type of issue. Our team don’t visit customers premesis for customer support.

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