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Rice Mill Acounting Software

Streamline your Rice Mill's Accounting, Inventory, Sales & Purchases, Production, Credit Control, Staff attendance, and drive growth with Mantic ERP.

Specially Designed for Rice Mills in Pakistan.

Cloud Based Rice Mill Accounting Software

Module based Flexible Pricing structure

Integrated Accounting Softwrae

inventory management For Rice Mill

Create Paperless Environment

Be connected with your business

Module in Rice Mill Accounting Software

Transform your Rice Mill operations with Mantic ERP, the leading software solution designed specifically for Rice Mills in Pakistan. Experience unrivaled features and modules that set new standards in the industry.


Streamline your finance and operations with our integrated accounting software.

Credit Management

It's easy to know and track how old is the credit of any party with aging options. Don't ever loose the site of your credit

Inventory Management

Optimize Wheat and produced items inventory management. Manage bags stock of your own or other parties. Increase efficiency with Mantic ERP's inventory module.

Document Management

Create a paperless environment by uploading all of your paper documents in digital format along with your entries for easy access and safety.


Leave tension of employee coming late. Efficiently manage employee time and attendance with Mantic ERP's timekeeping module.

Business Intelligence Reports

Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions with Mantic ERP's BI reports module.

Advance Audit Trail

Mantic ERP keep history of each and every activity. You want to see at any time, who did what change, its easy for Mantic ERP.

Asset Management

Effectively manage company assets and enhance operational efficiency with Mantic ERP's asset management module.

Purchase Module

Effortlessly manage your procurement process with Mantic ERP's powerful purchase module.

Sales Module

Streamline sales processes and drive revenue growth with Mantic ERP's sales module.

Production Module

Improve production processes and optimize resource allocation with Mantic ERP's production module.

Payroll & HR

Simplify payroll and HR processes with Mantic ERP's comprehensive payroll & and labor module. Easy to make weekly payments to your labor now.

Approval Management

Approval Management module gives you super control and accountability on your staff. Operato's mistakes can be innocent and deliberate but not when you use the approval management module.

Communication Module

Improve your communication with customers and employees by keeping them updated with email and SMS communication module.

Executive Mobile App

Stay connected and manage your business on-the-go with Mantic ERP's mobile app for executives.

Customer Portal

Improve customer engagement and streamline communication with Mantic ERP's powerful Customer Portal module.

Why you should use Rice Mill Accounting Software

Cloud-Based ERP System for Rice Mills

Experience the power of Mantic ERP, a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses with cost-effective applications and optimized processes. Simplify accounting, recovery management, purchase/sales orders, lot-wise inventory, and streamline your supply chain management with our all-in-one solution.

Key features of Mantic ERP

Unleash Mantic ERP's innovative features, the ultimate rice mill accounting software.

Pharmaceutical Distribution Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Best control over Inventory Management

Optimize profitability, reduce waste, and enhance customer satisfaction with Mantic ERP’s inventory management feature. Benefit from automated tracking, expiry control, easy reordering, and dead stock reduction for streamlined operations.

Integrated with Accounts

Weighbridge Integration

Automatic Costing

Lot wise Stock management

Multiple Warehouses

Bags and weight wise stock

auto SMS on Stock in and out

Labour module billing

Stay Connected

Mobile App for Owners

Stay connected and take control of your business operations with Mantic ERP’s mobile app for executives. Gain real-time access to critical business data and effortlessly approve important tasks anytime, anywhere. Experience an intuitive and user-friendly app that keeps you informed and in command.

Accounting with Advance Financial Reports

Top-notch Accounting Software

All the inventory control processes are linked to the accounts system. Whenever you add or change any entry all accounts reports are automatically updated without any delay.

Financial Reports

General Ledgers

Banks Management

Aging Reports

Expense Analysis

Why should you choose Mantic ERP in your Rice Mill?

There are several good reasons to choose Mantic ERP over other expensive and complicated software. You'll find it the best Rice Mill Accounting Software around.

Easy to learn
Easy to Use

More growth in your business

Save time in operations

Use it Anywhere Anytime

Be Part of Global Community

More data security and safety

Our customers are satisfied

We have been utilizing Softronix solutions for the past 18 years, starting with their offline rice mills software and petrol pump software. We have recently upgraded to Mantic ERP as our rice mill accounting software. Their solutions consistently offer rich features, best accounting practices, and innovative functionality. They have revolutionized our operations, streamlining processes, and providing improved supply chain visibility. We are extremely satisfied with the remarkable outcomes they have brought us.
Tayyab Bashir
CEO - Bahoo Rice Mills Okara

Frequently Asked Questions

With a trusted track record, Softronix Solutions have garnered the trust of thousands of customers in Pakistan. If you're contemplating the purchase of our software, you might have common questions that others have asked before finalizing their decision.

Yes, Mantic ERP is a cloud based solution that works online, store your data in our cloud network USA. You don’t need any specialized high power computer machines or to manage servers locally. You just need a simple computer with a browser with internet access.

Your data is more secure than you offline local servers, as we are using worlds most renewed cloud servers to store your data that are maintained by highly skills network specialists. 

Our cloud server is designed in a way that all of your data is backed up automatically after every few hours (depending upon your package plan) in multiple locations across the globe. You don’t need to maintain any local copies of your data.

Usually its very difficult to import other companies software data, however please talk to our sales team before buying it.

Yes, this is a cloud based online software that can only run when you have internet. 

Yes, The first training is free of charge and part of the package. If later one you want to train your new staff then we can provide you the services that will be charged.

Yes, Though Mantic ERP has enough reports to manage your operations most effectively, however if there is any special report that you are looking for, our team can develop it for you on demand.

Our team provide online customer support where you connect your computer using remote sharing software and our team can take control to do and fix any type of issue. Our team don’t visit customers premesis for customer support.

Mantic ERP has been evolved and continuously been improved for the last 2 years. We’ll continue to keep adding more and new features in the software for all of our customers.

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