Softronix Biz Talk

Software for Mobile Franchise, Electronics Dealers, Home Appliances Dealers, All kinds of trading

Biz talk is an Electronic Manager of all sort of business of mobile franchise, electronic and home appliances. Developed after an experience of 10 years of developing business applications BizTalk is a state of the art product that monitors your business so closely that most of the hidden expenses and losses are now the story of past. It promotes and business owner from a watchman or cashier of business to a real manager. It decreases day-today activities and spares managers only for decision to reduce unnecessary expenses and get more profits.

Whether there is a question of accounts receivables or installments receivables, Biz Talk offers a unique type of reports and service that any accounts or business manager may need.

Very generalized and highly customizable

  • 100 Companies / Principals
  • 1000 Products/brands can be created against each company
  • Product grouping
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Unlimited customers creation option
  • Unlimited Vendors creation option

Double entry accounts system included

  • All processes of inventory control are auto-linked to accounts system so whenever you add or change any entry all accounts reports are automatically updated without any delay.
  • A well defined created chart of accounts
  • All kinds of vouchers
    • Credit Voucher (Cash Receiving Voucher)
    • Debit Voucher (Cash Payment Voucher)
    • Journal Voucher
  • Separate bank vouchers
    • Bank Deposit Voucher
    • Cheque Issue Voucher
  • Automatic bank markup calculation report
  • Account + Party Ledgers
  • Cash book
  • Receivables + Payables Reports
  • Auto-Trial Balance
  • Auto Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Expense Chart
  • Uncleared, Bounced and Lost Cheques Reports

Sales / Purchase / Inventory Features

  • Sales Invoice
    • Fast Invoicing
    • Stock level during invoicing
    • Optional discounts, value, and ratio
    • Product wise and invoice wise discount
    • Auto Sales tax implementation in an invoice
    • Easy searching of old invoices, searchable on date, invoice id, and customer name.
  • Purchase Invoice
      • Auto Sales tax implementation in invoice
      • Product wise and invoice wise discount
      • Easy old invoice search, dozens of options in invoice search form
  • Purchase Return
  • Stock damages and wastage invoice
  • Customer / Vendor damage claims

BizTalk Reports: Overall more than 75 reports describe each and everything running in your business

  • Cost wise stock, Damaged stock and comprehensive Stock Transaction reports
  • Products wise sale, purchase and returns reports
  • Customer wise sales, purchase and returns reports
  • Product group wise reports
  • Hot/Cold products,
  • Product sales/purchase ledgers
  • Customer wise, product wise, invoice wise profit reports
  • Daily Business Activity Report

Strong and easy to apply user security

  • Unlimited users creation option
  • security can be applied to every report and form
  • Back entry locking for operators
  • Backdate entries possible for administrators

Automatic Costing of inventory

  • Automatic stock costing options
  • 6 gross profit reports based upon automatic weighted average costing
  • Company Profit & Loss statement remains always ready to see due to extended feature of costing
  • Stock reports give you the actual cost of the stock. reports don’t give you wrong figures such as total inventory based on the last purchase price or simple average purchase price.

Misc Features

  • Very user friendly working environment
  • Optional Multi-user environment (up to 100 PCs network)
  • Hotkey for all buttons
  • Attention gives you alerts when something needs your urgent reaction.
  • All vouchers and invoices are printable that helps you to remove all manual work.
  • All reports are printable
  • All reports can be exported to MS-Excel, PDF and 10 more formats
  • Opening balance and opening stocks option gives you option to start your system during the financial year.