Flour Ace Advance

Flour Ace is the only software for Flour Mills in Pakistan


Flour Ace Advance

Flour Ace is the only software for Flour Mills in Pakistan that can manage mill’s Accounts, Stocks, Sales, Purchase and Production and Flour Ace Head Office provides you online reports in your head office instantly.

Very generalized and customizable

  • You can create any kind of saleable, purchasable or producible commodities (product) any time.
  • Any commodity can have its own stock unit i.e. wheat can be seen in metric tons and flour in quintals at a time. Not only that but you can create your own stock units easily.
  • You can create your own bag types and their classes.
  • And many more…

Keeps record of all kind of inventory processes

  • Arrival
  • Purchase from market
  • Purchase from Food Department
  • Production
    • Grinding
    • Repacking
    • Regrinding
  • Sale
  • Sale Return

Brokerage and Freight System

  • Brokerage system in sale and purchase invoices
  • Bag stock maintenace with in all invoices
  • Feight and other expenses system with in invoices

Full double entry Accounts System

  • All processes of inventory control are auto linked to accounts system so whenever you add or change any entry all accounts reports are automatically updated without any delay.
  • A well defined created chart of accounts
  • All kinds of vouchers
    • Credit Voucher (Cash Receiving Voucher)
    • Debit Voucher (Cash Payment Voucher)
    • Journal Voucher
  • Separate bank vouchers
    • Bank Deposit Voucher
    • Cheque Issue Voucher
  • Automatic bank markup calculation report
  • Account + Party Ledgers
  • Cash book
  • Receivables + Payables Reports
  • Auto Trial Balance
  • Auto Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Expense Chart
  • Un cleared, Bounced and Lost Cheques Reports
  • City wise Receivable Report

Bags Inventory Section

  • Bags Sale, Purchase, Issue, Receive processes
  • Bags classification so that you could keep records of bags value loss due to old bags.
  • 5 Reports related to bags inventory and their tracking

Store Section

  • Keeps record of items available in store. You can issue or receive them back and Flour Ace will keep its record and will provide its reports. If any item is consumable or nonreturnable then its cost is sent to expenses automatically.

Flour Ace Reports : More than 70 reports gives you best control over your factory

  • More than 10 reports regarding Arrival and purchasing
  • Separate reports for Food department purchase
  • 5 Reports related to production
  • more than 10 reports related to sale process
  • 3 reports related to stocks
  • Some extended reports related to full day work.
  • 6 Gross profit reports including Daily profits, Commodity wise profits, Invoice wise profits, Invoice detailed profits.
  • 7 Bags Reports related to bags stocks and transaction
  • Store section Reports
  • More than 20 accounts reports

Strong and easy to apply user security

  • Unlimited users creation option
  • security can be applied on every report and form
  • Back entry locking for operators
  • Back date entries possible for administrators

Misc Features

Very user friendly working environment
Hotkey for all buttons
Attentions gives you alerts when something needs your urgent reaction.
All vouchers and invoices are printable that helps you to remove all manual work.
All reports are printable
All reports can be exported to MS-Excel, PDF and 10 more formats
Opening balance and opening stocks option gives you option to start your system during the financial year.

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