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Exams Management

Archivist online provides authentic overall exam structure to school administrator for exam schedule, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis test framework. The archivist has automated generation system of result sheets, result cards and award list.

  • Architecture of the weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly test Schedule
  • User Defined Exams and Test types
  • Automatic generation of Award Lists
  • Exam Closing Schedule
  • Blank Award Lists of students
  • Automatic Result cards of all students
  • Automatic Result Sheets of all Classes

School Library Management

Archivist allows school administrator to keep proper record of books and can save and arrange them in pertinent manner. Our system is truly compatible and potent to meet with challenges of keeping record of huge quantity of books in very organized manner.

  • User Defined Members
  • Books are defined
  • User Defined Topic Classification
  • Books Issued
  • Books Returned
  • Lost Books
  • Fine Payments

Accounts Module

Archivist assures to provide facility of automated maintenance of bank voucher, cash receiving voucher, monthly expenses, daily expense, student’s ledger, bank reconciliation, accounts ledger, cash flows, unclear cheque, balance sheet and General Journal etc. We are devoted to offering you more advancement in our features for better and effortless outcomes.

  • Cash Receiving Voucher
  • Cash Payment Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Issuance of Bank Cheque
  • Cash Deposit in Bank
  • Cheque Deposit in Bank
  • Account Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Statement
  • Day Book
  • Monthly Expense Chart
  • Cash Flow Register
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet

School Fee Management

Archivist defines proper set up for fee types, structure and method for fee collection, monthly fee generation, student’s fee ledger, outstanding fee and fee refunds in very appropriate manner to get rid of manual scheme. We keep updating our features to provide better working experience with our software.

  • User Defined Fee types e.g. admission fee, monthly fee, security etc.
  • Automatic Student Fee Slip Generation
  • Automatic Monthly Fee Slip generation
  • Automation of Fee Deposit in Cash
  • Automation of Fee Deposit with Bank
  • Fee Collection Reports of Cash
  • Fee Collection with Bank Reports
  • Students Outstanding Fee Reports
  • Students Fee Ledger Reports
  • Refundable Fee can be managed even after Years
  • User Defined Fee Concession Rules

Payroll Module

You want user required payroll management system to get escape from hectic manual working for record saving of staff salaries, increments and appointments without any uncertainty. Archivist provides you complete trust worthy, fully operational and advance feature of payroll, staff list, loans and reports management. Our automated system leaves no room for any inconveniency.

  • User Defined Staff
  • Keeping the Records of Daily Absence
  • Managing the Staff Advancement reports
  • Informing you about the Staff Loans deduction
  • User define system of Monthly Allowances or Deductions
  • Automatic Monthly Pay Generation
  • Effective records of Pay Delivery through automation system
  • User defined Promotions and Increments according to the school requirement
  • User Define Pay Structure
  • Defining the by the user Pay Scale
  • Providing the whole Staff List of the school
  • Keeping the records of the Staff Absence Statement
  • Provides updated information about Staff Advances Report
  • Records of the Staff Loans Report
  • Quick view of Monthly Pay Register

SMS to Parents

Communicator module has shortened all the distances between the administration, management, students, teachers and parents. Communicator module generously creates a fast link , thereby dwindling the vast distances. It not only interlinks administration,management and teachers but also keeps parents well informed about their students performance.

Communicator helps you automatically send SMS and Email alert to students, parents, staff and other people about schools notices fee reminders and students performance reports directly to the target people. Using communicator options, its easier now to filter required students and send them a customized message. One a school use this feature can not live without using it on daily bases.

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