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Get your Medical Store digitized by leading Pharmacy Management System

MARS is a leading Pharmacy software in Pakistan, used by more than 600 medical stores in more than 40 cities.

A good Pharmacy Management Software can make a difference

A stable and error-free pharmacy software can streamline business operations, reduce errors, and save time and money. With accurate inventory management, automated billing and prescription filling, and easy record-keeping, it can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. It ultimately helps pharmacies better manage their business, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

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Built in medicine product coding

30,000+ products in this medical store software

Your search for Pharmacy Management Software ends here, as MARS provides you with a comprehensive solution that includes over 30,000 products with built-in coding and updated prices. This pharmacy software continually updates prices from its online database to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Fast Billing and Searching

Fast billing

The highly fast billing feature of pharmacy management software streamlines the billing process, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency. With automated calculations and itemized invoices, this feature minimizes errors and improves accuracy while serving more customers in less time. It enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately improving the pharmacy’s profitability.

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Accounting for Medical Store Software

Integrated accounts system gives full control over finance and profits.

All the inventory control processes are linked to the accounts system. Whenever you add or change any entry all accounts reports are automatically updated without any delay.

Key Features of MARS (Pharmacy Software)

Unlock MARS's innovative features.

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Saving Expired stock

No more expired stock losses

Pharmacy management software’s near-expiry stock tracking feature minimizes the risk of losses from expired products by providing timely alerts to help pharmacies manage their inventory more efficiently, reducing waste and improving profitability.

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Best Inventory Software for Medicine Retail Software

Easy stock counting and adjustments

MARS pharmacy management software simplifies inventory management by allowing quick and accurate stock counts and adjustments. This feature minimizes the risk of errors and reduces the time required for manual counting, making it easier to keep track of inventory levels and avoid stockouts. It ultimately helps pharmacies to manage their inventory efficiently, improving customer satisfaction and profitability.

Why Do you need Pharmacy Management Software?

Pharmacy management software can help improve efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and customer satisfaction, making it a valuable tool for your medical store business.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline your medical store billing, reduce billing time, and improve inventory management and overall efficiency.


Pharmacy management software reduces the risk of errors in billing, record-keeping, and inventory management.

Reduced Expired Stock

Reduced expired products feature prevents waste and improves profitability by tracking expiration dates and reducing stock.

Customer Satisfaction

Pharmacy management software can help improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, and improving billing accuracy,

our customers are satisfied

"MARS proved to be a game-changer for our pharmacy store. It has proved its worth as the best medical store software in the market. It effectively addressed our challenges of expired stock losses and helped us uncover instances of theft. With streamlined billing processes, we highly recommend this pharmacy software to our fellow pharmacy stores."
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Cant drug store Lahore

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are the owner of a medical store software, you might have questions in your mind.

MARS is a highly affordable and feature-rich medical store software that has earned the trust of hundreds of pharmacies and medical stores across Pakistan. If you're contemplating investing in this software, you likely have some common questions that others have asked before finalizing their decision.

Yes its totally free and there are no upfront charges to get this software. However, you pay nominal yearly fees to receive free support and regular software updates.

The process is very simple and short. When you receive the software, it will take hardly 24-48 hours to create your first bill through this software.

MARS is an offline software which doesn’t require an internet connection to run. Internet will be required only when you want to email your reports to companies.

Yes, The first training is free of charge and part of the package. If later one you want to train your new staff then we can provide you the services that will be charged.

Yes, your data is fully secure in MARS. We have designed a outstanding user permission system in it.

Our team provide online customer support where you connect your computer using remote sharing software and our team can take control to do and fix any type of issue. Our team don’t visit customers premesis for customer support.

Yes it has built in thermal print option. you don’t have to make any separate payment for that.

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