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petrol pump Management System

Petrofy is an feature rich and affordable petrol pumps software that helps to run your business without being present there all the time.

If you are looking for a petrol pump accounting software then you have reached the right place.

laptop-erp Petrol Pump Software - Petrofy

Better control over your fuel station business

Why online petrol pump software?

Petrofy is a complete ERP Software for Petrol pumps and CNG stations that aids you in running and managing your Petrol Pump (Filling station) without your presence by enhancing your control over daily operations and keeps provide you insightful reports resulting in better management and control over the business which ultimately elevates your profits.

Petrol Pump Software Modules

Petrofy is an all-round online software for petrol pumps focusing on every part of business.

Best Credit Management for your Petrol Pump

More working capital by improved credit management.

Credit Management is the most admired module in Petrofy online software and key requirement of a good Fuel Station Management System. In software, you record your daily credit invoices using a simple sheet.

Secure and Safe Petrol Pump Software

Data Security and Safety

Your data is more secure while still accessible from anywhere in the world. Using the latest firewalls and automated regular backups you get peace of mind & trust.

Remote business management

Manage your Business with Online Petrol Pump Management System

Getting complete visibility of each and every activity happening in your business gives you more control and power. Petrofy in the best choice when you want to manage your petrol pump while on the go.

Got Limited Access to Internet?

Offline Petrol Pump Management System

Facing internet issues? no problem. We have an offline version of petrol pump billing software that can manage your daily billing, customer ledgers, Cashbook, Banks, Fuel and other products inventory, Fuel Gain/Loss and Fule wholesaling. 

no-internet Petrol Pump Software - Petrofy
pts2-controller Petrol Pump Software - Petrofy

Integrate with Petrofy

Realtime sales and inventory information by connecting Dispensers with cloud.

Connect your petrol pump with an integration device to see real-time sales and tank-wise inventory information.

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Integrate with Petrofy and get live sales on your mobile

Petrofy is an online software for Petrol pumps and CNG stations. it helps to manage your accounts, inventory, sales, purchase, Payroll, credit management, financial reports and much more.

Yes Petrofy is the latest edition of an old offline edition. However, offline edition doesn’t have that many features.

Yes, the training cost is included in the upfront payment of the software. Your team is given 1 hour daily up to 2 weeks and some times even more. 

Yes, Petrofy can be connected with all the nozzles in the petrol pump (or CNG stations). For that you’ll have to buy and get installed a special hardware device that helps to integrate your dispensers with our software.

Petrofy is a complete solution for petrol pumps. it provides you more than 50 different reports available in respective module.

Please call our sales team at the given number on the top of this page. or go to contact us form and send us inquiry.

Software onboarding and training is done with in 3 days to one week. It includes basic inventory, accounting, sales and purchase. For advanced modules it take little more time to deploy and give training.

Yes, we provide high quality customer support to our customers. We are in the market from the last 20 years and a well reputed and trusted name around.

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