Pharma Suite Plus

The best Pharmaceutical Distribution Software in Pakistan with online order management mobile app.

The most stable Pharmaceutical Distribution software in Pakistan

Pharma Suite is the most stable, error-free, and affordable solution for pharmaceutical distribution businesses that handle every aspect of your business including Batch wise inventory, recoveries, finance, mobile-based ordering, Rout wise supplies, and much more.  This popular pharma software is running at more than 400 businesses across the country.

Pharma Distribution Software Modules

Cover every essential need of your pharmaceutical distribution business with Pharma Suite.


Streamline recoveries, cash, banks, expenses and get ready to see financial statements with this Pharma Accounting Software,

Credit Management

Manage your customer and vendor's credit with integrated recovery management and finance modules.


Accurate, error-free batch inventory management with automatic updates synced to invoicing.


Manage purchases, inventory with costing, purchase returns with easy and optimum accuracy.


Efficient invoicing with auto/manual batch invoicing, flexible discounts, and auto inventory updates with detailed reports.​

Expiry Claims

Pharma Suite Plus tracks batches and expiry great accuracy without any hassle.

Pharma mobile ordering app

Realtime order taking on Mobile App

Your sales team can take sales orders on a mobile app that is online and connected with the Pharma Suite. If your team is in a remote area with limited net access, no problem. All the orders are saved in the device and automatically update the online database when the internet is available.

Pharma Distribution Accounting Software

Integrated Accounts System gives full control over finance and profits.

All the inventory control processes are linked to the accounts system. Whenever you add or change any entry all accounts reports are automatically updated without any delay.

Pharmaceutical Distribution Inventory Management Software

Best inventory control Software

Specially designed Inventory management software

Pharma Suite’s specially designed batch-wise inventory management makes it the best Pharmaceutical Distribution software in Pakistan.

Key features of Pharma Suite

Unlock the innovative features of this best medicine distribution software

Pharma Suite - Pharmaceutical distribution software desktop.

Why do customers like Pharma Suite?

Pharma Suite's ability to streamline processes, reduce errors, and increase efficiency has earned it a reputation as a top Pharmaceutical Distribution software in Pakistan among its customers.

Stable and ready to use

Stable, reliable, and secure pharma distribution software that is ready to use right out of the box.

User Friendly

Customers like the user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate that doesn't require a technical background to operate.

Reliable Support

Softronix has a reputation for providing reliable support to its customers. The level of support gives customers peace of mind.

Comprehensive Features

Pharma Suite offers a wide range of features that meet the needs of pharmaceutical distribution businesses.

8,000 Users Can't be Wrong

"Pharma Suite has revolutionized our business with its comprehensive features, and improved overall efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support, it was a game-changer for us."
Asif Trading Corporation

Popular choice as Medicine Distribution Software

Pharma Suite is being used in every corner of Pakistan.

Pharma Suite is being used in every small town in Pakistan, which proves its strength, popularity, and the most popular choice of pharmaceutical distribution business across the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharma Suite is a highly popular pharma Distribution software in Pakistan, trusted by many businesses in the industry. If you're considering purchasing this software, you may have some common questions that others have asked before making their decision.

No, The software charges are single time and we charge you again ever. Customer support charges can be applied that will be dependant on the type of service you get.

Usually its very difficult to import other companies software data, however please talk to our sales team before buying it.

Pharma Suite is an offline software which doesn’t require an internet connection to run. Internet will be required only when you want to email your reports to companies.

Yes, The first training is free of charge and part of the package. If later one you want to train your new staff then we can provide you the services that will be charged.

Yes, your data is fully secure in Pharma Suite. We have designed a outstanding user permission system in it.

Though Pharma Suite has more than 100 reports and theys hould cover most of your requirements,however if there is any special report that you are looking for, our team can develop it for you on demand.

Our team provide online customer support where you connect your computer using remote sharing software and our team can take control to do and fix any type of issue. Our team don’t visit customers premesis for customer support.


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