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Become a Partner

Benefits of working with Softronix

  1. Well-established, ready-to-sell, mature set of offline and cloud-based software products for various industries.
  2. Strong technical backup to support the sales and marketing teams.
  3. Large technical team to provide technical solutions, build new features, and provide quick technical support to answer customer queries.
  4. Continuous upgrades, fixes, and releases of new product features using Agile methodology.
  5. Flexible pricing structures to offer solutions to different levels of businesses.
  6. 20 years of market and business knowledge.
  7. Continuous digital marketing support to bring new leads and uplift the brand name.
  8. Customer Relationship Management software to manage the leads and customers, including customer communication tools. 
  9. Availability of an expert training team to ensure the customer’s success through the onboarding journey.

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