Softronix is a private limited company set up in 1995 and registered as a Private Limited Company
(Incorporated) with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in February 2001 under
Companies Ordinance 1984 with the objective ⎯ to set up an industrial undertaking engaged in the
manufacturing of Software and Computers and to establish a business of Software Development for
the domestic and International Markets


Softronix is one of the largest software developing companies in Pakistan with more than eleven years
of experience of developing high-quality software products for domestic and international markets. It
is specialized in providing software products as well as custom application development service
through a wide variety of fields including Manufacturing, Trading, Education, Shipping, Health Care
and Accounts

Company Offices

The company commenced its business with little resources and with the passage of time it got a steep
growth in terms of profits, intellectual capital and market access. Now it has its corporate office at
Multan acquiring a full floor (2700 sq ft) of Nawa-e-Waqt Building at Cities’ best commercial location,
Abdali Road. It has two Regional Sales Offices. One at Kawish Crown Plaza, Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi
and 2nd at Jeff Heights, Main Boulevard, Gulberg III, Lahore


The company now has a team consisting of 34 highly professionals fulltime workers who guarantee
state of the art products, best quality services and the highest level of customer support to its 1100+
clients and users in 85 cities and three countries

Franchise Partners and Affiliates

To further expand its business swiftly the Company has recently announced a policy to make
Franchise Sale and Customer Support Offices and Affiliates all over the country along with its own
operated offices. At the moment five agreements have been signed with different businessmen to set
up Franchise Sales and Customer Support Centers, at Multan, Okara, Bahawalpur, Rahimyar Khan and
Layyah. These Franchise Sales and Customer Support Center has started its business at their
respective cities. While negotiations for six more Franchises are in progress that will hopefully be
finalized in coming weeks.

Services & Expertise

The company has expertise in a wide range of platforms and technologies including Desktop,
Client/Server & 3-Tier Business Applications, Java platform, the .NET platform on Windows and Linux.
Various Management Information Systems and Decision Support Systems developed in these
technologies and platforms are currently in production at various places with our customers and users.


Besides providing state of the art IT service, Softronix offers the largest number (18) of ready to
install Software Products in Pakistan with many editions and release of each of the products for wide
variety of industries, business and institutions. Important products are:

GinBASE (Bilingual-English/Urdu)

GinBASE is the leading software in ginning industry of Pakistan. Having more than 300 cotton factories
in its satisfied clients list this product is running in more than 40 cities of Pakistan starts from
Hyderabad to Sahiwal. With 7 years of extensive experience of cotton industry software, Softronix has
now developed the latest version of this product called GinBASE XP. GinBASE XP automates all of the
process and jobs of the factory such as Arrivals, Weighments, Purchasing of cotton, Ginning, Weight
notes, Sales, Departures, Production in Oil Mill, Sales of all by-products of Oil Mill and especially all of
your factories financial matters. By keeping record of Heaps, Bags, Stocks, Purchasing and selling
information, Brokerages and many other data it provides more than 100 reports based on above data.
This beautiful and very easy to use software can be interfaced with electronic weighing scale to get
automatic weights directly into the computer and can be used in an unlimited number of computers in a

Flour Ace

Flour Ace is a software product designed to automates all processes of a flour mill such as Arrivals,
Purchases from Market and purchases from food department, Production, Sales, Bags stocks,
Commodities Stocks and all kind of accounting tasks with latest double entry transaction techniques
but with lots of ease
Flour Ace is highly customizable to users, where one can create unlimited number of commodities
(Products), processes, bags types or bags classes, PR Centers of his own choice. In addition to this
richness, it is so user-friendly that no one feels any difficulty to work with Flour Ace.
Flour Ace is rapidly going to be popular in all over Pakistan from Karachi to Wah Cantt because it is
the only well-designed software in the market that fulfills all needs of a flour mill of any size; from
very small to very large.

Compute Rice

Compute Rice is a first-ever built software product in Pakistan designed to automate all processes of a
Rice Mill such as Arrivals, Purchases, Production, Sales, Bags stocks, Commodities Stocks and all kind
of accounting tasks with latest double entry transaction techniques but with lots of ease.
Although it is a new product within a short period of time it has attracted many Rice Mills owners
and managers and now they have a competitive edge over their competitors.
Compute Rice is a highly customizable product where one can create unlimited number of commodities
(Products), processes, bags types or bags classes of his own choice. In addition to this richness, it is so
user-friendly that no one feels any difficulty to work with the Compute Rice.

Executive Companion (ExeCo)

ExeCo is a complete Information System to manage large departmental stores with many points of
sales and where houses to a Super Store. It is so integrated and user-friendly that one has to raise
just sales and purchase invoices and rest of the process up to P/L statement and balance sheet or trail
balances are updated instantly without even clicking any button. Yet so flexible that you can edit or
delete any entry without making system unstable. So secure that each and every task can be assigned
to anyone in the organization. ExeCo is the only Information System available in Pakistani market
that guarantees online/instant stock maintenance at warehouses and POS/display centers and provides
to so exact and precise report (for example accumulative yearly profits to profit on each and every
item, product, customer or company)

Archivist One

Archivist One is a comprehensive and scalable School Administrative Software specially designed for
public and private schools. It is developed on modular technology consisting of 10 linkable software
modules to form an integrated Management Information System.
It addresses all day-to-day school management activities including Academic Administration, Fee
Management, Exams and Assessment, Co-Curricular Activities, Lesson Planning, Timetable Accounts,
Payroll, Inventory, Library Management, Online School and Communicator (SMS Service)


OilBASE is Oil Mills Management Software. Whether you are running a small oil mill unit or a large
solvent plant, OilBASE fulfills all needs of managers of such mills and plants. It helps to manage
records of contracts, purchases, bags, production, sales, ledgers, banks, profits, balance sheets and
trail balances. It is so easy to operate and strongly defined that people with a little know how of
accounts and factory process can document and handle all the factory matters with its help.

Fuel It

Fuel it the most successful software to manage a fuel refilling stations related service centers. It is a
comprehensive integrated Information System that not only makes easy to manage all day-to-day
activities ranging from fuel refilling to car wash and managing contracts and many other activities. All
the modules are integrated with state of the art Business Accounting System that guarantees quick,
comprehensive and fully updated stock and accounting reports on a single key click

Pharma Suite

Pharma Suite is a largest selling software product in Pakistan used in pharmaceutical distributions,
supply chains and wholesales business. Its last version 8.0 has grown up over the period of 8 years
and now available in three different editions (Pharma Suite plus – for wholesale businesses, Pharma
Suite Enterprise for medicine distribution setup and Pharma Suite Advance, for large supply-chain
enterprises) that makes it in ideal choice for all type and size of pharmaceutical businesses ranging
from a small wholesale shop to large distribution enterprise or supply chain. With more than 180 users
all over the country, it has proven its richness of reports, stability, ease of use and cost benefit ratio.

MARS (Medicine Automated Retail Shop)

Medicine Retail shop has a special nature a high number of small transaction that makes difficult for it
to document each and every stock transaction. But it needs a precise documentation and
measurement of all transaction to control stock expiry and purchase ordering. MARS is the best
product available in the market that not only fulfills all trading requirements of a medical store but also
helps to obey all legal obligations without making any extra efforts. It also has an integrated
Accounting System as a backbone that guarantees the best utilization of business resources.


Pakistan best and largest selling product for General Distributors is a next generation of the most
popular product “Trade Suite”. It is developed after experiencing the powers of trade suite that was
developed in DOS environment. It addresses the needs of all kinds of general distributors of all kind of
groceries. In modern age of competition when companies like Unilever or Tapal etc are offering a
complex structure of discounts and trade bonus and discount schemes, no other software other than
IntelliBiz can claim to fulfill all kind of needs of any trade offers and discount/gifting schemes. But its
capability to address such verity of complex issues makes it difficult to use neither makes it a
simple offline system working on waterfall technique. Yet it is fully integrated, instantly updated,
online and flexible software that makes people addict of its use.

Biz Talk

Biz talk is an Electronic Manager of all sort of business of electronic and home appliances. Developed
after an experience of 10 years of developing business applications BizTalk is a state of the art product
that monitors electronic and home appliances business so closely that most of the hidden expenses
and losses are now the story of past. It promotes and business owner from a watchman of cashier of
business to a real manager. It decreases day-to-day activities and spares managers only for the decision to
reduce unnecessary expenses and get more profits.
Whether there is a question of accounts receivables or installments receivables, Biz Talk offers a
unique type of reports and service that any accounts or business manager may need.

Chick Master

Chick Master is an integrated management software for traders and distributors of poultry products
with associated poultry forms. It offers a wide variety of management and information services to
business managers of Poultry stores and poultry forms. As Chick Master is specially designed for
poultry distributors with rich reports and ease of use, it is a perfect choice for poultry distribution
stores. With more than 65 rich reports with many choices provides exact information to the managers
to control chicks feed and vaccination or stock expiration.

Service and Support Area

At the moment company is providing its products and services to 86 cities of Pakistan from Karachi to
Islamabad. So in terms of Area Coverage Softronix is one of the largest domestic IT Services Providing


From its set up till today the Company has successfully designed, developed and deployed Information
System for more than 1100 Industries, Businesses and Institutions and as the company is growing
and getting more knowledge and experience this speed is continuously increasing. For example only in
2005 it has automated (computerized) one industry, business or institution every day.

Software Export / Outsourcing

companies that are currently running their business with the help of this online application software.
Some of the International customers are:
FIRST Shipping, Antwerp, Belgium,
Maritime International, Antwerp, Belgium and
Insha Mobiles LLC, Dubai, UAE
Software Export and outsourcing service was slow in the beginning due to the companies’ commitment
with the domestic market but now the company is accelerating its pace to export software products and
outsource IT services. Now the company has got some more software development orders from its
contacts abroad.

Current Project

Softronix is currently working on its first Application Development Framework, Report Writer and its
own IDE on Java platform, to increase its Application development speed and quality and to further
reduce cost. Company has decided to convert and all existing product and will develop all next
products and custom applications under this FrameWork.

Next Move

The process of setting up a company in Canada has been started and in coming months the Corporate
Office of the company would be moved to Canada to better manage its business in international
market. Then current corporate office at Pakistan would be converted into Offshore Office that would
continue monitoring its domestic business at Pakistan and provide outsourcing facility to our
international offices.