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Online Software for your business

Our online software for Rice Mills, Flour Mills, School Management, Petrol pump, supply chain, inventory management and accounting are already trusted by dozens of companies and hundreds of users use them everyday to make their jobs easier and effecient.

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ERP for Rice Mills

An online system to automate Rice Mill operation and management functions, including accounting, inventory, sales, purchases, orders, payroll, timekeeping, and more.

School Management Software

The most mature software for Schools and colleges. Managing more than 100,000 student data from around the globe. It helps generate reports and analyses to keep things organized and efficient.

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ERP for Flour Mills

Stay ahead of the competition in the Flour Mills industry and meet the needs of your customers with an online ERP that was designed with your business in mind. With the right online software for Flour Mills, you can spend less time on bookkeeping and more time growing your business.

Software for Petrol Pumps

You can keep track of your daily sales and inventory, do better credit management, create monthly bills for corporate clients, track your staff attendance, and much more. Petrofy also has a mobile app for both Android and iOS for owners and stake holders.

Specialized software for your business

Thousands of companies are using these software for the last 20 years. 

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Pharmaceutical distribution

The most stable software for Pharma distribution and wholesale business, being used by more than 300 businesses.

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FMCG Distribution Business

Specialized software for FMCG Distributors and wholesalers with exceptional features for discounts and company offers.

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Software for Flour Mills

Flour Ace - Software for Flour Mills. Inventory, Accounting, Sales, Purchase, DFC Purchase, paperless environment and more.

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Pharmacy Software

Most affordable software for all sizes of medical stores and pharmacies. Thousands of products with latest prices.

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Fuel Station software

Fuel Station management software to manage Fuel and lubes stock, and Monthly billing. Best petrol pump accounting software.

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Point of Sale Software

Quick Sell is the most Affordable Supermarket point of sale software for small and mid-size retail and departmental stores.

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Software for Online Retailers

Running an online store? Connect our ERP with your store and manage your order processing, inventory, and accounting with our ERP.

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Accounting Software

Inventory management and Accounting software for all types of businesses like sole traders, Commission Agents, Brokers.

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