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Our mission is to provide innovative, configurable, flexible, cost-effective solutions to common business challenges, enabling our clients to save time, increase productivity, minimize costs, and maximize their return on investment.

Archivist Online

Robust School Management Software

In this advance era of technology we have got credit to produce software which is so affluent in terms of reducing your efforts. It is developed after in depth analysis of educational institutes and user-requirements in order to provide hassle free and efficient facilities to handle school management affairs. Multiple queries can be resolved within no time. We offer this software to multiple institutions in different cities and countries. Archivist online is sublime outcome of our vast expertise in the field of school management.

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Mantic ERP

Revamp Business with custom ERP Solution

Mantic ERP is quite practical and accomplished ERP system for midsize production companies. If you are a business body and eager to handle your business on propagated level through advance well maintained technology then we are offering you sustainable future. We help you through smooth inventory management, complete control of automated business activities with total security, finance management, technical handling of quality and design. Our ERP software offers you enormous services which you can think to count on your fingertips.

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Class Champ

Bridge connection between teachers and parents

Our unique and competent software plays vital role of making connection between teachers and parents about children academic activities. It allows parents to stay updated about their child academic repute including daily lessons, test grades, homework status, awards, remarks and lot more. It helps parents to communicate with teachers directly. This software is built after making thorough analysis of requirements which can be easily fulfilled in form of Class Champ.

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Desktop Products for SME business

Our Recent Work

CouCou e-commerce Project

Our one of the exciting release of recent times is coucou which is an e-commerce application for all users across the map. Coucou welcomes it’s all customers on board to enhance their shopping exposure with its sophisticated well classified features from various aspects. It offers extremely secure and original experience equally to all customers. It’s a one stop station for all products which one could only imagine. Coucou promises to deliver you best with extreme supremacy.

Our one of the delicious project is Kwik Dish food which is quite renowned publicly for so enticing and tempting dishes and food items. Our application has attracted countless users especially in United States. Kwik Dish Food actual aim is to provide tasty food without compromising on quality concerns. Here all different seasonal and regional dishes are provided which are more carving than anywhere ever.

Now your vehicles and other equipments can be managed and maintained easily through our sophisticated and entirely efficient fleet management system. You can just get your fleet and other assets optimize and enhance their efficiency so easily. Our system offers you great features which are secure and reliable in different ways. Our services define the strength of features our system providing you.
First Shipping is our exclusive software to enhance your shipping experience. Our purpose of designing is to make agile shipping services on longer routes in lesser time. We have advance and secure electronic system to make processes effortless and leaves no flexibility for breaching of rules and regulations. Our customer’s requirements actually define our priorities and targets.

The customer experience is the next competitive battelground

Softronix pledge its ardent efforts 24/7 to review your concerns and issues. In case of any ambiguity we encourage our dedicated customer’s to consult us for all kind of support. Our support team stays stick around to settle your obstacles just in matter of seconds. Feel free to engage us for better and healthy experience.