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QBS - Question Bank System

The key to easy, efficient test generation is storing your questions in an indexed, cross-referenced database. This way, you can easily sort questions in any way you want --e.g., topic, format, difficulty level, or other categories of your choice.

QBS (Question Bank System) is a powerful software for schools and academies who want to make their examination system more systematic and easy. QBS is ideal for entry test preparation academies who want to give their students the similar type of environment what they will see at actual entry test day. QBS generates very similar question papers containing random questions generated from a question bank of thousands of questions, written by you.


Question Bank Modal



  • You can define unlimited no of subjects
  • Define sylabous in the system chapter wise
  • Define Unlimited no of questions for each chapter
  • Define no of answers for each question
  • Equation editor for mathematical questions
  • Generate question paper according to yor own rule such as :
    • Chapter restriction
    • Difficulty level wise filtering
    • Don't
  • You can save a generated paper in database so that next time you may restrict next papers not to include these questions again.



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