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Archivist is a complete school management software that facilitate smooth management of school affairs. This user friendly software has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of school management and in close coordination with the educationists of distinction, thereby proposing to increase the efficiency of the entire system. Its primary purpose is to provide mechanisms for automated processing and tracking of student information for an educational institution.

This school management software helps educators to manage, analyze and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. It is a total solution for management of educational institutions, covering all the aspects of educational business, including administrative academic and accounting activities.

With the vast spectrum of features available in Archivist, it is the complete school management system which takes care of all your needs for compiling, analyzing and retrieving information as and when needed for effective decision-making.

What Archivist one can do for your school:

  • Completes the Organizational data within school
  • Streamlines the educational process
  • Increases the productivity and efficiency of the office / management staff
  • Decreases paper work to great extent making the process cost effective
  • Strengthens relationship with parents
  • Saves man hours and reduces communication cost
  • Provides systematic way of enhancing the teaching staff work efficiency



Archivist Modules Interaction Diagram

Archivist modules interaction diagram


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