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Software for Petrol Pumps, Filling Stations, CNG Stations
Fuelit Features List

Software for Petrol Pumps, Filling Stations, CNG Stations

  • State of the art customer support backup
  • Very generalized and customizable such as:
    • You can create unlimited number of nozzels
    • You can create unlimited number of fuel tanks
    • You can define unlimited number of departments / institutions
    • You can register customers vehicles to maintain vehicle ledgers
    • You can define unlimited fuel and other products
    • And many more…
  • Keeps record of all kind of inventory process such as:
    • Fuel products inventory
    • Lubricant and other products inventory
    • CNG Monthly billing system
    • Fuel Purchase alongwith alongwith facility to put all kinds of deductions and expenses related to each purchase.
    • Gain Loss for liquid fuel products such as petrol and diesel
    • Cash and credit sale invoice nozzle wise
    • Lubricant and other products sales, purchase invoices
  • Full double entry accounts system
    • All processes of inventory control are auto linked to accounts system so whenever you add or change any entry all accounts reports are automatically updated without any delay.
    • A well defined created chart of accounts
    • All kinds of vouchers
      • Credit Voucher (Cash Receiving Voucher)
      • Debit Voucher (Cash Payment Voucher)
      • Journal Voucher
    • Separate bank vouchers
      • Bank Deposit Voucher
      • Cheque Issue Voucher
    • Automatic bank markup calculation report
    • Account + Party Ledgers
    • Cash book
    • Receivables + Payables Reports
    • Auto Trial Balance
    • Auto Profit & Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Monthly Expense Chart
    • Un cleared, Bounced and Lost Cheques Reports
  • Fuel it Reports
    Flour Ace has more than 25 reports overall, show you wast range of information related to your business.
    • Current stock report shows you updated stock of each product any time
    • Stock transaction report gives you summary of complete stock transaction
    • Fuel purchases gives you details of all kinds of fuel purchases
    • Fuel sale summary
    • Vehicle wise ledger
    • Monthly credit / department bills
    • Lubricants, CNG Kits and all other products purchase report
    • Lubricants, CNG Kits and all other products sales report
    • Daily business activity
    • Tank dip ledger
    • Customer receivab;es citywise
    • And many more...


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