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Custom Application Development Services

Every business person knows that time is money. Despite that knowledge, many companies waste valuable time and resources trying to develop and maintain home grown IT applications.

It makes good business sense for most organizations to outsource IT work. When Softronix takes on a project, we establish time frames and fixed costs that we respect. If you have needs that no boxed software can meet, even with customizations, the most cost effective and efficient alternative is for Softronix to develop a stable and retail grade custom application for you.

We could recount a number of horror stories where companies have used unqualified in-house resources or students and interns to create a poorly designed custom applications. This only led to months if not years of frustration due to instability and crashes, data loss, poor usability and lack of continuous support.

Softronix has a team of highly qualified programmer analysts who stand behind the software they create. Softronix has been in business since 1996 and will be there for you tomorrow when you need support.

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Web design and development service
Database Design, Development & Integration

Others may recommend software built in MS Access, Visual Basic 6 or other platforms that are simple to use for the developer. But in our experience these novice platforms have lead serious growth problems. At Softronix, the applications our experts create are built on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET C#, which makes for highly scalable and robust applications. Furthermore, today many applications can be web based thus eliminating the need for local installation, improving security and making home bound work possible.

When you call Softronix there is no cost to consult with us and no obligations to go further. We are the “no pressure” consultants who just want to give you the straight facts.


Database Design, Development & Integration

At Softronix, database design is one of our specialties. Our development department has been doing database design and integration for almost ten years. With alot of experience in Microsoft and Oracle techonologies, we have the talent to make any database design or integration development a success.

Our entire database design team is highly skilled ensuring your complete satisfaction with any database development project.

.Net is a way of life. An efficient design will ensure your database can scale to your needs without any significant additional development costs. Also, a solid design will allow easy integration with any of your legacy applications and allow easy integration with all future development projects.

Please call one of our professionals to go over your database design, development and integration needs. You will not regret it.


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