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On this page you can download the latest releases of our products and their DLLs. Instead of software dlls, you can download supporting utilities which you may need time to time.

Process after downloading

After downloading the file, first of all you have to extract (unzip) it rhought its appropriate utility.If file extension is *.zip then you can extract (unzip) it throught winzip or windows xp, and if file extension is *.rar then you need to extract it by winrar. If you don't have winrar installed in your computer you can download it by clicking the link below.

When you'll complete extraction process you'll get the original file such as a DLL or an EXE, now you just have to copy this file to the folder where software was installed. Most probably its path would be Drive:\Program files\Softronix\Software Name (i.e, C:\Program Files\Softronix\Softronix Flour Ace Advance\). Remember when you are pasting your file in the installed folder your software must be closed first.

Please choose a relavent product from the links bar on the left side of the window and download your desire file.

Dongle Drivers and Misc Components
Dongle Driver 4.0 (Desktop)
550 KB
Dongle Driver 3.1 (Desktop)
468 KB
Dongle Driver (Network)
836 KB
Net Dog Server for Archivist
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for GinBASE
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for Flour Ace
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for Pharma Suit (Advance / Plus)
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for IntelliBiz, BizTalk, ChickMaster, Tyre Cruiser, Softationer
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for Pest Deal
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for Fuel it
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for Execo
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for MARS
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for OilBASE
2.7 MB
Net Dog Server for Accounts SME
2.7 MB
Find Net Dog (Utility)
20 KB
Fonts used in Urdu Systems
File Size
943 KB

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